EPHEMERID Playing cards . Precious Metal edition

Created by Mr Cup

GOLD/SILVER/COPPER edition of the EPHEMERID playing cards, with precious metal coins and dices. With an ultimate box set edition.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Happy new year . January 2020 update
16 days ago – Tue, Jan 07, 2020 at 08:36:41 PM

I wish you a wonderful new year full of amazing moments, creativity and happiness.  Thanks again for your support and also your patience. 

Yesterday I get the dealer coins and I am so happy with them... So heavy, so many details! You will love them.

The end of the year has been crazy at Studio Pression, and the printing of the tuck cases had to be postponed to January. Right now I am still waiting for confirmation date to start printing them, depending on paper stocks orders and deliveries. French social movement and strikes do not help to get things done as planned! At the same time, Noir Arts has printed the cards, so I should receive proofs and images soon. So good feeling. 

A Seals story

Also, seals are more complicated than I think! If you want to understand why things took time, here coms the seals story.

Studio Pression prints the tuck cases in France, as well as all the letterpress items of the project. We use a copper plate to have a lot of details. But it is not a big company, so I have to adapt my plans to them. When I ask him if he could print the seals, I did not expect that printing the stamp shape would be a problem of cutting shape. Then I try to found another solution.

Noir Arts print the cards, and when they get the unfolded and unglued tuck cases from Studio Pression, put the cards inside the tucks cases, put the seal and wrapping paper. We exchange a lot of emails with Noir Arts to see how we can do a metal version of the seals, but we do not find a solution.

So the solution was to redesign the seals, to have them printed in hot foil and laser cut by Studio Pression and send everything to Noir arts to finish!!  So here are the new seals.

My latest update seems to put some confusion on some of you. So I want to be clear that it was never planned to get hot foil on the cards, only on the tuck cases. I tried to get hot foil on cards, but this was not possible and make me lose a lot of time. So here comes detail on the 4 editions : 

Also, here is the good news. I wanted you to have a special extra sleeve whatever you order 2, 3 or the 4 decks. So I work with Studio Pression on a solution and here is the extra sleeve you will get! 

So I hope to have the tuck cases printed in the coming weeks to be able to send them as soon as possible to Noir Arts. Then they will send them back to me and I can dispatch order myself (with help of course !). Cross finger for early February. 

The other issue I have is for the deluxe edition with coins and dices. If I well have the Dealer coin, I have an issue with contact for the production of the other coins. I am working hard on that. 

I really work hard on this, so please consider it before you leave comments! My day would be better... 

Thanks again for your support and patience. 



Final design / Printing start soon
2 months ago – Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 08:06:37 PM

I apologize for not giving you an update earlier! It's been quite a while and considerably late from the original planning. I am really sorry about that. 

Last time I told you there was a little change of plan... I did not expect to be a BIG change of plan... I really wanted to do a hot foil version of the cards, but it is really not possible to do it. It makes me lose a lot of weeks to try to do this. I believe it was possible unless the manufacture told me they can only do 54 decks... and I promise you 58 cards decks! 

Printing of the tuck cases should start before the end of the month. At the same time, Noirs Arts are printing the cards to have them ready in December. The letterpress printing plates are ready, they are in copper to have as much details as possible. 

Here comes the final design of all the cards. It was really tricky to found a way to well use metal option. I need to change a lot of the designs, removing some parts, moving some others... But I am really pleased with the final result and impatient to see them printed. 








The exclusive edition will be black and silver.

I know it is a lot of images, but hope you like them. Also, the inspiration sentences are bigger compared to the first edition of Epehemerid. 

When the tucks cases are printed I need to send them to Noir Arts that will finalize everything. Then the decks will be sent back to me to be dispatched from France or from a warehouse I am in contact with.

Coins and box set?

For the coins, I hope to have them early next year. The box set edition will be only possible later on, I hope in February. I know it is not what I promise but this is sadly the best I can do. Hope you understand.


So to answer your questions about when we'll be able to ship cards: I hope to be able to send them in the middle of December. BUT, I think it will be more accurate to have them send in January, to avoid the craziness of the holiday season. I am sorry if you expect them for Christmas, but unless you have some elves that can help me, I do not see miracles happening here.

For those who order the first edition as extra, I will send them early December, even if I have to send 2 packages. 

Please let us know if you have any questions! Thanks for the continued support!




Back design, jokers and coins...
5 months ago – Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 12:52:10 AM

In the last update I asked your help to improve the design of the cards. Here are the results ! 

I get a lot of feedbacks and the most important is this : While the pips are indeed a nice graphic, seeing them on the back of a card sends an unintentional subliminal suggestion of the actual suit of any given card. Please rethink the notion of pips as a card back illustration.

So they will look like this :

For the Jokers, what you see here will be in copper on the copper edition. For the silver, edition, it will be blue and silver... you get the idea ;)

The coins on final phase of design before production, here is a preview :

And here is the dealer coin which will be big, 5 cm ! Hope you like it.

Thanks for your support. 

Fabien www.mr-cup.com

New backs and jokers design : the survey
6 months ago – Thu, Aug 01, 2019 at 10:43:42 PM

I agree that such important questions deserves a better vision of the results. So I created, as suggested, a survey, please took the time to answer it. 


Only the results of this survey will help me to make the final decision. The problem is that instagram is all my followers, not the support of this project. But for your information the results there after 24 hours are : 

Backs design : Stars 44% / Pips 56%

Jokers : Pips 18% / Illustrations 82%

Thanks for support and enjoy your day.

Fabien www.mr-cup.com

There and back again : the creation and the production
6 months ago – Thu, Aug 01, 2019 at 02:10:18 AM

Anyone who has ever started a Kickstarter project will tell you: there is what you have planned, and there is what you can really do. For the moment, I can just tell you that there is a small change of plan, which is slowing the production of games, but it is really for the good of the project.

I always try to see an opportunity in a problem, so I want to use this time to be creative. And the creative part depending only on me, I take the opportunity to improve the design of games.

The first edition of the game was the subject of a great video of The Gentleman Wake.

New design for the back of the cards?

The negative point he raised is the design of the back of the cards. In short, it was not the simplest part to design for me. I really like the final result, but it gave me an idea: now that there are 4 different games, what about 4 different designs!

And who says 4, says heart / diamond / club / spade ! What do you think ?

And new design of the jokers?

Another element that I want to improve on this edition is the design of jokers. Once again, I really like the first design, but having the game in hand, I think they are too close to the aces. So I want to change that with illustrations related to the project! Again, what is your opinion?

If you want to give your opinion, it's simple: in comments here or 

Vote in my stories on instagram.com/iammrcup

And the production?

As soon as I have good news about it I'll be happy to share them!

See you soon for the design results!

Fabien www.mrcup-shop.com