EPHEMERID Playing cards . Precious Metal edition

Created by Mr Cup

GOLD/SILVER/COPPER edition of the EPHEMERID playing cards, with precious metal coins and dices. With an ultimate box set edition.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Last days / Standard edition reprint / Stay safe
12 days ago – Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 05:03:14 AM

First of all, in these strange days of our lives, I hope you are fine and safe with family. The actual situation in France is that we have to stay home and go outside only with information paper to explain why we are out. It changes so fast during the last days... but it is for the good and I hope we can go back to our normal life very soon. 

That being said, support over the new edition of the cards brings so much joy to me and I thank you so much for keeping support. The project is now in its last hours and I have some good news for you. 

As the project is over my expectations, I decided (wisely) to reprint a small set of the original Standard Edition. It will come with a blue seal to the difference from the first edition. 

Standard edition
Reprint of Standard edition will be the same with different blue seal.

How to get this deck ?

3 options here : 

1 - If you support the new collector's edition, just add 10€ to your pledge. 

2 - If you do not support the new collector's edition, just do it at 10€ and you will get it when you get your package form this campaign, without any extra post costs.

3 - If you support the project here with rewards over 100€, you will get it for free, nothing else to do!

I am also working on extra things like a pdf to explain all the creative process and the amazing adventure of this project. 

Check the new campaign here


Here are some very cool decks currently available : 

"Lock & Load" Playing cards

The United States is a country build on giving power to the people. It has a long and proud history behind it. A very important part of American history is the Second Amendment. In 2021 the Second Amendment will be 230 years old. In celebration of that right, we created two decks that will accurately capture a piece of American history and the right of every American citizen.

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Arcadia Signature Edition

Only a few hours left to get the Arcadia Signature edition and reach their target. 

Check and support here

Thank you all for your support, this community is awesome. I will send a production update soon.

Stay Safe !


The sleeves and stamps !
19 days ago – Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 05:17:49 PM

With the success of the collector's edition, almost sold out, here are how it improves the project and rewards. Thanks again for your patience in the making of this. 

Check the new campaign here.

I am pleased to improve the project with:

- extra numbered seal on the bottom of collector's edition decks, they will be hand-numbered!

- I always love tax stamps, I design and will print varied stamps/seals to improve the project.

As planned I will do double, triple and quadruple sleeves! I can now improve them with stamps! It shows you how I plan to use the stamps.

Also, the collector's edition 4 shades of Grey set will come with a special grey sleeve. There are a very few sets left! 

All multiple orders will come with sleeve, double, triple...


A lot of you asked me about the Standard edition. It is sold out but I think about doing a reprint if we reach the 350% goal with a different seal. What do you think? Post in comments.

You can see the new campaign here. And again, YES, everything will be sent together in April. I still did not found the solution for the coins, but I am working hard on it, I have 2 news possible solution and I am waiting for estimates. 

Check the new campaign here

Thanks for support


Collector's editions updates / Timing
25 days ago – Thu, Mar 05, 2020 at 01:37:55 AM

Thank you so much for the amazing support of the new collector's edition. As I said before, this project is done to have all editions sent at the same time. 

The Magnificent 7, the Ultimate bundle and the Holo/Cream duet are all gone. It means the holographic edition is now sold out, sorry for all those who did not get it. But will keep the idea for my next deck!

So on I update the project with new options to get the Cream edition.



The deck from the new editions and the Previous editions will arrive at me all at the same time. The estimate for shipping is now April for the decks. For the box set, it is still hard to say as the production of the coins is still started and do not know how much time it would take. 


Shout out : The Keymaster Marot

Lorenzo / Stockholm17 launch his new Tarot deck if you did not see it yet. What an amazing project and inspiration...

You can support the project here 

Thanks to be part of the great playing cards makers community !

Enjoy life !


Collector's editions coming today !
26 days ago – Tue, Mar 03, 2020 at 09:07:58 PM

When I have an idea in mind, I can not stop until it's done. The collector's editions are coming live in some hours following the great positive feedbacks you sent me. 

The editions will be very limited... from 180 to 100 each! You can see a review of the project here :


It will be launched on March 4th, at 6 PM Paris time.

I will send another message tomorrow as soon as it is live!

Thanks so much for support.